Your Events

Davis & White is Queensland’s leading wine events company. Bar or boardroom, intimate gathering or large reception, we have the experience to put together the perfect event – with wine the key ingredient that brings it all together.

Wine tasting can strike the perfect balance of helping to create a relaxed and enjoyable ambience at the same time as moderating levels of consumption.  Guests can feel at ease, have a bit of fun, and learn as little or as much as they would like about wine whilst still taking on board the key messages of the event. The tasting can be a focus or a filler, simply depending on what our clients want to achieve.

Crucially we understand that most events have other desired outcomes alongside the enjoyment of wine.  We do not feel we have to be centre-stage at all times – we are always there to support and facilitate any principal activity, be it networking, team-building, presentation or something else entirely.  We are expert in pitching our own delivery to suit the style of event, thereby creating a smooth, seamless flow to the occasion. 

Talk to us today about putting together your unique wine tasting event.  We do not have a one size fits all approach to our work, so would be delighted to assist you with your individual requirements. See below for our guide to creating the perfect event and get in touch with us here to start the ball rolling…