Barone Montalto ‘Ammasso’

Sicily, Italy

The volcanic soils of sun-drenched Sicily are fertile territory for the production of ripe, fruity wines with real authenticity and personality. The Barone Montalto wines combine great tradition with modern character and now includes a delicious organic range.


$39.90 in any 6$37.80 in any 12

This is a fantastic wine, a ‘Super-Sicilian’, made in the classic Appassimento style (the same process used to make Amarone). Fruit is hand picked and the bunches placed in small trays of no more than 5kg, and stored for four weeks in a temperature controlled fruttaia (a special chamber that allows the fruit to start to dry out and flavours to intensify). The natural enzymatic processses allow for the development of a unique aromatic and taste profile, with considerable richness. The finished wine is opulent, with velvety smooth waves of dark fruit and a hint of spice and toasty oak – it is a truly sensory experience. As it hails from Sicily the price tag is far more modest than you would expect of its counterparts further north – it’s an awful lot of wine for your money!


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Barone Montalto

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