Cantina Tombacco Aglianico

Campania, Italy

The Tombacco wines with their delightful vintage labels pay homage to the first labels ever released by the winery, designed by the great grandfather of the current owner nearly a century ago. The wines themselves are unashamedly robust and flavoursome – absolutely typical of their roots in Campania and Abruzzo – and will transport you instantly to the sunny terraces of the Amalfi Coast and classic pizzerias of Naples.


$23.75 in any 6$22.50 in any 12

Aglianico is known as the great grape of southern Italy (the Barolo of the south), with great depth and intensity of flavour. This is a deep, dark, full-bodied red with a rich mouthfeel. It has a complex nose of dark red fruit, spice and earthy notes. On the palate the rich fruit is supported by soft vanilla and spice with great persistence, leading to a lovely long finish. Perfect to drink with roasted meats and wood-fired pizzas.


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Cantina Tombacco

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