Maison Delafont ‘Cru’ Limoux Chardonnay

Languedoc Roussillon, France

Samuel Delafont is a force of nature – half French, half Viking, and 100% dedicated to rewriting the story of the Languedoc wine region and showing the enormous potential of one of our favourite parts of France. It is no exaggeration to say that his wines would cost a fortune if they were made in one of the more ‘prestigious’ regions – a point that was proved when his wines were selected for the winelist at the Élysée Palace for pouring at formal state events (the first time this honour has been bestowed upon a producer from Languedoc). You can just imagine how many feathers were ruffled in Bordeaux and Burgundy….


$47.50 in any 6$45.00 in any 12

The Limoux region, nestled in the upper valley of the Aude, has long been an insider tip for the best value premium Chardonnay France has to offer, and we have been delighted to show this beautiful wine at various events and tastings over the last year to the great delight of our clients… particularly when we tell them the price tag! Quite simply if this wine was made in Burgundy you would need to conservatively double the price. So if you are a fan of stunning, rich and complex Chardonnay, look no further and snap this up while you can (and help stop us from drinking it all!!). You will thank us for it!

Samuel Delafont works only with growers who are committed to organic and/or biodynamic practices in the vineyard.


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