Point de Convergence Chardonnay

Languedoc Roussillon, France

The Point de Convergence wines are a collaboration between Amy and rockstar French winemaker Samuel Delafont. The label alludes to the specific location of Cévennes, being the meeting place of the Rhône, Provence and Languedoc regions, and the very distinct influence each of these has on the wines from this area. More than that it is the coming together of French and Australian (well, British!) minds to create a range of wines with a real sense of place and simply superb value for money.


$19.00 in any 6$18.00 in any 12

This is classic southern French Chardonnay – fresh and exuberant, proudly displaying its Mediterranean heritage. The flavours are pure sunshine in a glass – ripe stone fruit and plenty of zesty lemon, with just a lick of oak to add interest and round off the palate. If you are looking for big, ballsy Chardonnay, this is not it… this wine is light, elegant and seriously easy-drinking.

The Cévennes encompasses the northern half of France’s Languedoc wine region and is named after the Cevennes mountain range that runs through the region. It is in essence the convergence point of the great southern wine regions of the Southern Rhône, Provence and Languedoc, with each having its own distinct influence on the wines. Its mountainous location provides warm sunny days with much cooler nights than the floor of the southern Languedoc, adding elegance and finesse to the whites and rosés of the region, and balance and structure to the reds.



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Point de Convergence

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