Tiki Estate ‘Maui’ Chardonnay

Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

Tiki is a proud founding member of TUKU, the world’s first Maori winemaker collective, bringing together awarded Maori wineries based on their shared values of the land, family and hospitality. They are an indigenous Māori wine producer committed to sustainable winegrowing, caring for their vines under the guiding Maori principles of Kaitiakitanga: guardianship, protection and preservation of the earth.


$21.85 in any 6$20.70 in any 12

A great-value Chardonnay that shows ripe stone fruit, rock-melon, vanilla and toasted almond notes. The palate is elegantly weighted and rounded, and delivers bright fruit intensity backed by a creamy texture and well-pitched acidity, finishing long and smooth.

The Maui range takes its name from Maui, the Maori demi-god who, as legend has it, captured the sun and pulled New Zealand out of the sea. He was a great adventurer with an inquisitive nature and a fearless spirit.


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Tiki Estate

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