Who we are

The appreciation of wine is one of life’s greatest pleasures.  Every bottle has its own story to tell, opening up a unique world of history, culture and tradition through the simple pouring of a glass. The only thing better than enjoying a great wine is enjoying a great wine with great company. Our aim, in the simplest possible terms, is to share this pleasure with you.

With a combined experience of 35 years in the industry, Darren Davis and Amy White are experts not only in wines and spirits, but in creating outstanding events for all types of occasion. We understand that wine is not always the sole focus of an event – we promise to entertain but not to lecture (because, let’s face it, nobody likes a wine bore). Jump in with both feet at one of our many and varied events, or let us bring our tasting experiences to your home or boardroom…


The name Darren Davis has been synonymous with fine wine for nearly 20 years, and he has balanced his considerable work with classic Australian brands with the championing of boutique and emerging wineries from across the country.  Presenter, entertainer, retailer, restaurateur, brand ambassador, travel guide – you name it, Darren has done it.

Over the last decade Darren has been behind the development some of Queensland’s most successful wine retail brands, as well as launching his own iconic wine-bars in Brisbane, where wine-lovers have thronged to enjoy a unique selection of boutique and back vintage wines. However, his real passion is ‘opening bottles and telling stories’, and as a result he is never happier than hosting events where he can share this passion with appreciative audiences. From back vintage masterclasses, to boardroom tastings to his infamous long lunches – whatever the format, Darren will be bringing wines to life with a smile on his face and a glass in his hand.

Darren is renowned in Brisbane and beyond for delivering the best wine events, balancing his expertise with a killer instinct for entertainment.

Variety: Shiraz
Aussie region: Barossa
International region:  Rhone Valley
Food pairings: Steak and Shiraz;
Riesling and Oysters
Variety: Pinot Noir; Nebbiolo
Aussie region: Yarra Valley
International region:  Languedoc
Food pairings: Lamb and Rioja;
Grilled prawns and Picpoul


UK born and raised, Amy White combines a decidedly European approach with a passion for the Australian wine industry.  Whilst studying in Europe for her degree in languages she became fascinated by the traditions and culture surrounding wine, and decided that a career in the industry was for her. Cutting her teeth at one of the UK’s oldest wine merchants, she received an education in wine most can only dream of, whilst sharing her knowledge by hosting corporate tasting events across the City of London and beyond. 

2011 saw Amy lured to Australia with a rough idea of ‘doing vintage’ and a one year working holiday visa in her hand.  The plan backfired when she saw the purple stained hands and steel capped boots, and realised that being a winemaker was not for her! However, all these years later Amy is not only still in Australia, but runs Aramis Vineyards, an award-winning McLaren Vale winery as well as L’Atelier Wines, a wholesale company that produces, imports and distributes boutique wines across the country. She is at her happiest scouring southern Europe for exciting new finds to bring back and share with an appreciative Aussie audience!