Altina Sparkling Brut (Non-Alcoholic)


This is a very elegant and dry bubbles that will suit any occasion. While Altina markets it as being produced in the style of a Brut Chardonnay, we don’t feel this quite reflects the actual style of this wine, which is lighter and more aperitif style. The addition of the native Australian Quandong adds crisp peachy notes to the wine, giving it almost a dry Bellini-style profile (without the puree/juice texture). It has a lovely acidity which provides lift and vibrancy, et voila – a fantastic alternative when for whatever reason you don’t want to open a bottle of the real stuff.


$20.90 in any 6$19.80 in any 12

It’s taken a very long time for us to find a non-alcoholic wine we can genuinely recommend, but we’ve finally done it! The sparkling wines of Altina are a genuine delight and allow you to enjoy the rituals of opening, pouring and drinking a glass of bubbles, without the alcohol and perhaps just as importantly, with substantially fewer calories. There’s not a hint of the cloying, claggy sweetness of your typical non-alcoholic wine – these are crisp, dry, thoughtfully made and very carefully handled to give the balance and mouth-feel of the real deal.

With only 25 cal (106kj) per 150ml serve they are the ideal substitute if you are trying to shift a kilo or two, and of course limit the weekly unit intake (apparently the doctors say it’s a good idea – who knew?). We’re not giving up wine any time soon, but the Altina sparkling range does offer a sophisticated, guilt-free alternative that actually tastes the part. Cheers to that.


Please be aware that while we try our best to keep up with changes in vintage, packaging etc., it is impossible for us to have this information correct 100% of the time, so the details below should be considered as indicative. If you are after a specific vintage, please contact us prior to placing your order so we can confirm availability, otherwise we will send the vintage on hand.


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