Giaconda Warner Vineyard Shiraz

Beechworth, Australia

Giaconda is a winery that needs no introduction. We are amongst a lucky few who receive a small annual allocation of the range from this iconic Beechworth producer, and they won’t be around for long.  While we are on the subject of Beechworth – if it is not on top of your list of winery regions to visit, do yourself a favour and put it in the mix. This Victorian high country town is picture perfect, with pretty cafes and quaint antique shops – it’s a truly delightful spot to while away a long weekend.


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A strong red to purplish hue. Undergrowth, briar, dark raspberry and chocolate, paprika with a sweet overlay of cinnamon and star anise. An immensely appealing bouquet, indicative of a long slow ripening where the fruit was not rushed to maturity. The palate is a mirror of the bouquet; suave and sophisticated, round and rolling, spicy and vibrant. A tea leaf and twig structure adds to red fruits with acidity light and fresh. A wine of great depth yet full of subtle notes that shine long on the palate.


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