Luca Bosio Barbaresco

Piemonte, Italy

We have spent a lot of time seeking out a range of wines from Piemonte that delivers this kind of value for money – we have always believed a good Barolo does not need to cost $200+ if you know where to look, but we are happy to let you be the judge. The Bosio winery is located in the heart of the premium Langhe district and is now run by third generation Luca (though father Valter is never far away – meeting these guys is a little like something out of a 70s mafia movie!). The wines are elegant and expressive – classic Piemonte, and not a fugazi in sight…


$42.75 in any 6$40.50 in any 12

Affectionately referred to as the ‘Queen of Piemonte’, the district of Barbaresco is renowned for producing Nebbiolo of great elegance, with softer tannins and delicate perfumed notes. This is a wine of exceptional value with complex, ethereal flavours. Enjoy with earthy meat dishes featuring mushrooms or truffles, or with smaller birds such as quail or duck.


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Luca Bosio

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