Maison Palmer & Co. Champagne Rosé Solera

Champagne, France

Maison Palmer was founded shortly after WW2, when seven winegrowers decided to join forces to produce an exceptional blend, and ultimately their own Champagne ‘house’. In 1947, these pioneers, who hailed exclusively from listed Premier and Grand Cru villages, pooled their talent and experience to develop a champagne of perfect harmony, creating an international brand that would incarnate this spirit of excellence. To this day Premier and Grand Cru vineyards comprise over 50% of Palmer’s holdings.


$109.25 in any 6$103.50 in any 12

This is a Champagne of unique character combining exceptional fruitiness and delicate notes of spice. The outstanding blend is enriched by a unique Solera of Pinot Noir, a perpetual reserve of several decades reflecting the House’s celebrated expertise. Wild strawberries with hints of red and black currants, vanilla, and spice. Fresh and full-bodied with fine tannins and elegant fruits.




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