Stonegarden Shiraz

Eden Valley, Australia

The Stonegarden vineyard in the Barossa’s Eden Valley is the stuff of South Australian legend. Originally planted in the late 1850s it is a treasure trove of incredible old vines with an eclectic mix of varietals, the undisputed hero of which is their 160+ year old Grenache. While it may not be as well known as some of the other superstar vineyards of the region, this is purely because its fruit has traditionally been allocated to the Barossa’s top wineries and never produced under its own label… until now. Purchased in 2015 by ex oil and gas engineer Glen Monaghan, who very smartly decided to partner up with chief Rockford winemaker Ben Radford (who himself had had plenty of experience with the vineyard’s fruit), they set about giving Stonegarden it its own identity. The two of them have been hard it ever since, crafting a series of wines under the Stonegarden label that capture the essence of this historic vineyard site.

As a ‘new’ brand, the prices of these wines are extremely modest considering their quality – we recommend you snap them up and cellar, as we have no doubt they are going to be in very high demand once word gets out!


$80.75 in any 6$76.50 in any 12

When you spend as long as chief winemaker at Rockford as Ben Radford has, you get to learn a little something about making Shiraz in the Barossa, and particularly about the interplay between power and restraint. The 1850s original Stonegarden Shiraz block (along with the more ‘modern’ 1940s block) has afforded Ben the perfect opportunity to showcase the elegance and finesse that sets Eden Valley apart from the rest of the Barossa. This is a wine of some generosity, yes, but it’s plush without being heavy. At its core is a rich vein of cassis and black raspberry, but this is underpinned with bright floral notes and smoky charcuterie, and a satisfying tannic structure. The finish is smooth, energised by a vibrant minerality.


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